Political background

Under European law, the UK must divert material from landfill, in progressively higher amounts, otherwise penalties will be imposed. The Government has had 15 years to plan for this, and research the best solutions but, as the evidence on this web-site proves, this simply has not happened.

In terms of recycling targets composting and all other recycling has been lumped together and since composting appears, on the surface the easiest to do, very little effort has been put towards other forms of recycling.

There are serious problems associated with open windrow composting and it is simply ludicrous that the Government has forged ahead with this policy regardless. It is no good solving one environmental problem by creating another.

For those of you who are keen environmentalists, you should know that there is also a key question mark over the green credentials of open windrow sites. They often release methane, which is 20 times worse for the atmosphere than the carbon dioxide composting sets out to avoid!